Dynagard Windows

Energy Efficiency

Foam-Filled Insulated Extrusions

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Insulating Green Foam

Increases your energy savings. Lowers the U-Value, which increases thermal performance. Increases the R-Value.

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Thermal Performance

Energy Intercept Stainless with Foam Fill Window Chart

Glass Options

Virtually invisible metallic layer reduces solar heat gain. Low-Emittance coating prevents ultra-violet light damage and home heat loss.

Strength & Flexibility
Ensures structural integrity. Flexes to adjust to temperature variations for less seal stress.

Gas Fill
Non-toxic, colorless gas reduces convection currents in the space between the glass panes to reduce home heat loss. Choose from Argon or Krypton.

Sealant Effectiveness & Gas Retention
Sealant provides moisture vapor barrier. Stainless steel is impervious to gas transmission.

Warm-Edge Technology
Reduce heat transfer at the edge of the unit. Resists condensation along the inside edge of the glass.

Triple Glazing
Three panes of glass are joined by two sets of spacers per IG unit. Two air spaces can be filled with gas. Triple glazing deadens sound and has an even greater resistance to condensation and home heat loss.

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Argon-filled double-pane window frame Argon-filled triple-pane window frame Krypton-filled window frame
Energy map Energy ratings

Recognized as the Most Efficient of Energy Star 2015.

Most Energy Efficient 2014

Dynagard Ultimate Series
All windows with the Ultimate and Ultimate Plus.

Dynagard Supreme Series
All windows with the Ultimate Plus.